School / Home Communication


One of the many benefits of having your children at Temple Academy is the close cooperation between the school and the home. We are committed to working with parents in the mutual goal of the godly training of children. We seek to communicate closely with parents through:

  • “Back to School Night” in late August so parents and students can meet teachers and receive important information to help form an effective partnership;
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences scheduled at the end of the first quarter in order to personally discuss each child’s progress and receive report cards (additional meetings may be requested by parents, a teacher, or the Principal at any time needed); Junior high and high school are per request by the teacher or parent.
  • The Temple Trumpet, our weekly newsletter containing important announcements, schedules, prayer requests, etc. that goes home every Wednesday;
  • The School-Home Envelope, which goes home every Wednesday with the Trumpet and other correspondence and is returned within two days with the parent’s signature and date;

Through Facebook and our website at  and through Moodle for the upper grades

  • Parent-teacher Fellowship (P.T.F.) meetings and events providing support and fellowship for parents and teachers;
  • Progress Reports, which are sent home at the end of the third and sixth weeks of each quarter to junior high and high school All students from 5th through 12th grade will receive progress reports.
  • Report Cards, which are sent home at the end of each quarter;
  • Opportunities for parents to join us in the classrooms and on field trips;
  • Availability of the Principal to meet with parents as needed.