Driving School

Driver’s Education

Driver’s Education is one of the extracurricular activities that we offer to our students and the community.  Mitchell Grohoski is our instructor and is qualified through the state of Maine.

The course costs are:

  • $475 for non –Temple students
  • $425 for Temple students

We are dedicated to excellence in teaching and driving so we do not push students through our courses just so we can get more numbers. Our Driver’s Ed. will span two months that include 30 hours of in class instruction and 10 hours on the road. While other schools try to accomplish this in a week we spread it out so that students can learn in the class then go practice. It also helps us be able to better evaluate what happened on their drives.

For more information call Cheryl Gorman @ 207-873-5325 or email her at cheryl.gorman@templeacademy.org