International Students and Homestay

Temple Academy is a small private Christian school nestled in the heart of majestic Maine. We are more than just quality education for our students from away. We offer an experience and memories that will follow that student for a lifetime. We have been serving our community with excellence in education for over 40 years. We are regionally accredited with NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges).

We place our students strategically with host homes that share similar interests. An example of that would be one of our Chinese students from Beijing loves to go antiquing so we placed him with a wonderful family that shares that interest. On the weekends you’ll find them in quaint shops on our rugged coast line striking up fabulous deals for that perfect treasure to bring home.

We want our students to experience an American family life from good old fashion apple pie to baseball and everything in between.

We offer trips to Boston and outings to the mall to purchase supplies. We also offer exploration excursions of our great state and allow the students to experience some of the happenings of beautiful New England.

We offer TOEFL prep classes and one on one tutoring with our students. We do not require a certain TOEFL score for admission but rather that the student have a working knowledge of the English language as a foundation that can be built upon. We are happy to customize the student’s education for maximum results for better college choices.

We compete in varsity sports; like soccer, Basketball, baseball and softball along with intramural volleyball. We are hoping to establish a golf team in the near future.

We have a band and chorus club that meets after school to lead in music during our weekly chapel services.

We have after school clubs like, creative writing, cooking classes, and a drama club.

Temple Academy includes in its low cost of tuition healthy daily snacks as well as a hot lunch served at the school. We have a driver’s education school, and it is our goal for the students to obtain their driver’s permit before they graduate Temple Academy. We offer four years of SAT prep administering the PSAT.

We have been very successful in the short 5 years we have opened up our hearts, homes and school to international students. All of our foreign students have gone on after graduation to study at the top 100 colleges/Universities in our country. We have a student studying at the London School of Art.

An education at Temple Academy grants you access to a family who will love and care for your student even after graduation. We tell our graduates that we are here if they need us and some take us up on that offer to help provide guidance for the next steps of this journey called life.

We have partnered with our local colleges to offer a customized education for your student for them to earn dual credit for college while studying with us at Temple Academy. Colby College, which is ranked number 19 in our country has wonderful classes that our students may attend as part of their education at Temple Academy. Thomas College and The University of Maine (Augusta) also great schools that students can participate in classes while enrolled at our school.