In 1976 a small church had a dream to provide quality Christian education for its members. With little finances but faith in a big God, Calvary Temple, now known as Centerpoint Community Church, began construction on what became a million dollar project in Waterville, Maine. Starting with three classrooms, three teachers, and numerous volunteer aides, thus began the journey of what we have today – a twenty teacher faculty and a two hundred student body.  This ministry is still growing today.

The success of Temple Academy’s forty years of service has to be shared with all who have been a part of its history. Hundreds of people have poured into the Bereans of past and present. Enormous sacrifices have been made to help the school succeed. The church members supplemented this ministry for many years until it could become self- supporting. Teachers worked long hours to near exhaustion, giving up high income jobs with benefits. Some took no income for extended periods making do with only the bare necessities, so that the children God placed in their care would have the best that could be offered. Though the costs have been great, the blessings have been greater.

Temple Academy’s vision has expanded over time. Instead of reaching out solely for the church’s family, the school has opened its doors to as many families in the area who share the same faith principles and are open to having their children taught the Word of God. In recent years international students have joined our ranks, adding a more global vision for the local students. The technology of today has shown us that our world is becoming smaller. The impetus to share the gospel around the world as well as in our little sphere is pressing us to consider new and exciting lofty dreams.

Throughout its history, the leadership of Temple Academy has always sought to raise the bar of academic excellence. Temple is now accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, is a new member of the National Honor Society, and is a member of the Maine Principals Association, an organization that not only encourages athletes to excel, but also provides avenues of cutting edge information in the academic arena to help our teachers further their profession.

Today, we are pleased to hear from our alumni who are doing well in their careers and are lights in their communities as engineers, pilots, architects, nurses, physician assistants, teachers, Wall Street stock brokers, military personnel just to name a few. All of our students have been exposed to the gospel and are on their own journey now to discover God’s plan for them to share the gospel in their chosen professions.

Remembering Temple Academy’s humble beginnings reminds us of the most foundational truth. We can do nothing of value without the hand of God on us. We continue daily to pray for His wisdom, grace, and guidance as we maneuver the challenges ahead. Temple Academy is alive and well and is poised to walk confidently into the decade ahead.