SAT information

The SAT is a standardized test frequently required by four-year colleges and universities.

Length:  3 hours (writing optional–an additional 50 minutes)

Types of tests:  Reading (65 minutes), Writing and Language (35 minutes) , Math (80 minutes)

Scoring:  One composite score between 400-1600; The composite score includes the “evidence-based reading and writing score” of 200-800 and the “math” score of 200-800. Rights-based scoring (no deduction for incorrect answers).

Most juniors will take the SAT once in the spring, and most students who are planning to apply for a 4-year college will take the SAT again at some point during their senior year.  In order to register for an SAT students need to create an account at Click here for the list of SAT DATES AND REGISTRATION DEADLINES.