About us


Temple Academy is a small private Christian school nestled in the heart of majestic Maine. We are more than just quality education for our students. We offer an experience and memories that will follow that student for a lifetime. We have been serving our community with excellence in education for over 40 years.

Diversity and culture are very important to us, which is why we've opened up our hearts, homes, and school to currently more than twenty nations represented in our student body.


We are accredited through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.  Temple Academy, like most private schools in Maine, is legally an unapproved private school, meaning that we don't accept state funds, however we are recognized by the State of Maine for purposes of the compulsory attendance law. Temple Academy annually affirms to the Maine Department of Education its intent to comply with the state’s GUIDELINES FOR EQUIVALENT INSTRUCTION.


The majority of our full-time teachers hold bachelor’s degrees and all teachers in the upper levels have received either bachelors or masters degrees. Currently our accreditation does not require teacher state certification at this time.


A vital element of Temple Academy is its spiritual program which is composed of many different facets, including our Bible-centered curriculum, Bible reading and prayer in daily opening exercises, the teaching of the Bible as a course of study, weekly chapel services, and Scripture memorization.

Chapel programs involve many different kinds of speakers, activities, skits, videos, etc. Area pastors, youth pastors, and missionaries are frequent guests. Parents are always welcome to visit chapel services.


We provide a sound academic education in which the subject areas are taught from a biblical point of view.

We promote excellence and competence in communication and computational skills.