Christ Centered

The educational philosophy of Temple Academy is based on a thoroughly Biblical and  Christian worldview. A worldview is a set of assumptions that one holds about the basic makeup of his world and forms the basis for all that one does and thinks.

The Christian worldview is based solely on the Bible, which we hold to be the infallible, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God. The following set of assumptions is derived from the Scriptures and is foundational to all we teach and practice at Temple Academy:

  1. God, infinite, yet personal, created an orderly universe out of nothing, sustains that creation, and is the source of life.
  2. All truth, therefore, is God’s truth, whether discovered in God’s creation or in God’s Word.
  3. Though man is created in the image of God (and therefore is not the product of an evolutionary process), that man has been defaced by sin, resulting in spiritual death and a tendency to disregard his Creator.
  4. Man can be saved from this condition only by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  5. God has ordained the Home, the Church, and the State; of these three the responsibility for training and educating children lies with the home. The Christian school is the cooperative effort of parents attempting to fulfill that responsibility.

Without these assumptions, it is impossible to have a truly Christian education.  Though the Christian worldview and non-Christian worldviews deal with the same factual information, it is impossible to interpret that data if the Creator is denied or ignored—“an education without God is not an education.” Every subject area must be viewed through the lens of Scripture; the Creator has the final word on any subject or question.

Even though Temple Academy is an integral ministry of Centerpoint, we want this ministry to be available to Bible-believing families of all evangelical churches. We have chosen, therefore, to not teach any denominational distinctives in the school. If controversial doctrinal questions arise in the classroom, we will encourage students to seek answers from their parents and pastors. We show the utmost respect for doctrinal differences with other Bible-believing churches.  In addition, we never encourage students from other churches to become involved at Centerpoint Community Church, but rather to actively support their own local churches.