We use Bob Jones curriculum in almost all of our Secondary classrooms.

Bible – Our 7-12 Bible courses cover all of Scripture. Students are taught events, doctrines, and principles and are given a selection of verses to memorize. Bible study tools, including maps and timelines, are still used to help students learn to study the Bible on their own. Every lesson endeavors to apply Scripture to daily life and in turn deepens students knowledge of and love for the Word of God.

History- Secondary-level History courses build on the foundation laid in elementary and expand students’ understanding of world and U.S. history, geography, government, and economics. This information is presented using an integrated and narrative approach instead of teaching by memorization to ensure students academic success.

Science – Junior High and High School teachers teach that science as a powerful tool for living out God’s first commandment to man: have dominion over the earth. Students are taught to evaluate the findings of modern science, to interpret them through God’s Word, and to think critically.

Language Arts – Secondary English builds on the foundation formed in elementary grades by applying those skills to higher-level writing. New grammar skills are added and ample writing opportunities are provided so that students can apply new skills to real-life writing—letters, essays, reports, speeches, and digital content. Literature,  for secondary students, goes beyond learning facts and literary terms to studying literary elements and interpretation. Included literary selections are from different cultures, genres, and time periods; the primary goal is to help students understand their fellow man. Students evaluate each selection with questions, analysis, and activities; questions engage four levels of thinking skills: literal, interpretative, critical, and appreciative.