Worship Team

As a Christian school we have the privilege to hold weekly Chapel services for our students. We pull in local Kids pastors and Youth pastors. Our school represents over 30 different denominations and we don’t force one specific denomination on them. We like to be connected with all the local churches. We usually open with the Pledge to the American flag, Christian flag and finally to God’s Holy word. A student will read some scripture for students to meditate on then we enter a short worship service. Our worship band spans from 7th graders to Senior High students. Anyone that has a call and ability to be a worshiper is invited to join. We have a full band that includes 8 Singers, 1 drummer, 1 Acoustic guitar, 1 electric guitar, 2 pianists and 2 sound/media.  It is student based but supervised by Staff. Our desire for worships is for students to lead peers in to praising God because He is worth of all praise.