Athletic Department Statement of Philosophy

Athletics at Temple Academy plays an integral part in the school program. Representing the Temple Academy “Bereans” as a member of an athletic team is a privilege, not a right.

In harmony with our Christian philosophy of education, the goal of the athletic program at Temple Academy is to provide our students in grades five through twelve with opportunities to develop godly character, self-discipline, and athletic skill. Athletics is a valuable component of Temple’s overall program because it has the potential to build character and self-discipline through commitment to a team and an activity. It provides a vehicle for interaction and testimony to other students and schools, and it provides a wholesome release for adolescent energy. Athletics can also foster healthy self-esteem as well as school spirit. It enhances parent and alumni loyalty as well.

The student athletes will learn to take responsibility for personal growth by developing loyalty, pride, integrity, and commitment.  Athletics provide the opportunity for the student athlete to exhibit a progression of physical skills and knowledge of a particular sport, enabling him or her to apply these skills and knowledge to new situations and a variety of learning formats.

The school administration is responsible for ensuring three things:

  1. That the athletic program stays in balance with the other aspects of the school’s program.
  2. That the spiritual development of the students continues to receive proper attention in the athletic program.
  3. That the values and standards that distinguish a “Christian” sports program from a secular one are reinforced continually.